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Project Catalog from Project Night 2014

2016 Project Catalog
This is the complete Catalog of Projects with descriptions of all projects displayed at An Evening of Sharing Powerful Project Work in Dallas, Texas, November 7, 2014. In addition, it includes articles by Lilian G. Katz, Judy Harris Helm, Sylvia Chard and Yvonne Kogan. It may take some time to download.
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Illinois Early and Development Standards 2013, summarized by Judy Harris Helm, Ed.D. , Best Practices Inc.

This Microsoft Word File is a summary of the Illinois Learning and Development Standards (2013) Benchmarks. It is a helpful summary sheet for teachers to use when planning or to share with parents.
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Creating Anticipatory Planning Webs

This is a two page handout on how teachers can make an anticipatory planning web for projects. By using an anticipatory planning web, teachers can incorporate curriculum goals and standards and still follow children's lead. By anticipating the directions that a project might go teacher can be prepared to integrate goals and standards as opportunities emerge. They can also make decisions about what topics they might wish to introduce during more formal parts of the day to make integration easier.
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Lesson Plan Form for Project Work
This download provides a lesson planning form designed to be used WITH the Anticipatory Planning Web in the previous download. Some teachers have found it helpful when using the project approach in a preprimary classroom. The download has two pages with instructions on the first page and the form on the second page. The form needs to be enlarged before using. Let me know if you use it and how it works for you.
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Quote Page from PowerPoint on Project Work

This is a Microsoft Word of quotes about learning that relate to project work
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Continua of Student Initiated Learning

Pdf file: This file presents a continuum of student initiation in learning experiences. A variety of approaches to curriculum from single concept, through thematic teaching, to projects, are placed on a continuum according to the amount of student initiation in the approach. Remember that good learning experiences can occur all along the continuum. Some topics work better at one point in the continuum then they do at another.From Young Investigators: The Project Approach in the Early Years, Helm and Katz
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